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About Tantamount...

...is mainly about Rob Wellington

Rob started, and continues, in music and film. Add 20+ years in digital media. He shares his wealth of experience with students at RMIT and other universities.

Rob has a unique perspective thanks to decades in the creative industries and his experience working with designers at Apple US.




The Yarnin' site exploits the incredible multimedia capabilities of HTML5. Yarnin' is a 'one-page' site that distributes interviews with Aboriginal elders across Victoria. It uses CSS3, jQuery and a few other tricks to animate images, video and information over an interactive map of Victoria. We're hoping we can expand Yarnin' across Australia and the Torres Strait.

St Kilda Music Walking Tours

I played St Kilda's venues in the Punk, New Wave, Post-Punk era. Adam Johnstone, asked me to help promote music walking tours through St Kilda. I began a Facebook group. Then I dug out interviews I had with local Rock luminaries to create a history section for the site. I spent every second Saturday in 2013 with Fred Negro and Fiona Lee Maynard (legendary local performers) walking around St Kilda with Rock legends and fans, sharing tall tales and true, and soaking up St Kilda's incredible Rock culture. Now I have a Who's Who of Australian Rock as friends. This project is all about preserving culture, celebrating art and honouring the greats. It also brings joy to everyone who participates.

Make Hummus Not War

Make Hummus Not War

I am very lucky to be working with Trevor Graham again. The wonderful, unapologetically personal film Make Hummus Not War was a smash at festivals all around the world and aired on SBS in Australia. I did a lot of research on the humble chickpea and it now takes a dominant role in my kitchen - so cheap and so good for you! It's a tasty film and a tasty site with a how-to by my local Lebanese legend.


Mabo - The Native Title Revolution


The Mabo site won the 2008 United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Award: 'Best Online'

Mabo nominated for BAFTA and EMMA

    BAFTA     EMMA Awards

Mabo is an encyclopedic exploration of the Native Title story from a small island in the Torres Strait to the High Court of Australia. Eddie Koiki Mabo succumbs to cancer 6 months before his victory, a victory short-short-lived as we see our indigenous people cheated yet again. It features hundreds of presentations and a thousand resources from love letters to recordings of Eddie Mabo's lectures at James Cook University.

William Bligh

I have always been a fan of comics and graphic novels. Simply animated illustrations are a very effective way to tell a story and deliver interactivity. I came up with the idea of an interactive graphic novel for this biography of William Bligh for the ABC. Bligh is one of the most misrepresented historical figures. This site brings the facts to light with art, action and music. Daryl Dellora wrote the story, John Phillips produced the music, Keira Poelsma created the gorgeous illustrations and my sister Jo co-produced.

Edna Walling

Edna Walling

Edna Walling was a brilliant and influential Australian landscape designer who became an ardent conservationist and evangelised Australian natives in home gardens. A photographer and popular gardening writer, Walling's gardens attract international tourism.

I produced the site in partnership with the State Library of Victoria for the ABC's Gardening Australia. The site attracted roughly a million visitors a year who averaged 20 minutes on the site - a phenomenal achievement

Walling site archived here

Totally Gorgeous

Completely Gorgeous

completely GORGEOUS completely GORGEOUS

totally GORGEOUS was Tantamount's first CD-ROM. We produced it with Kaz Cooke for Film Australia. My first multimedia title, a fantastic message, an amazingly brilliant collaborator, we went all out and it won a couple of international awards.

Now we've put it online as completely GORGEOUS!


Homeless examines 24 hours in the life of homeless people in Sydney, Jakarta, Tokyo, New Delhi, New York and London. Surprising, sad, mad and beautiful, the site's 6 stories expose our societies' real attitude to the marginalised.

My second project with Trevor Graham. The site was nominated for a Webby.

Unfortunately QuickTime's support for Flash has stopped and the site no longer works. I still support the site so if you're computer has an ancient OS it might still work for you here!



Web sites, apps, kiosk, Elearning, UX/UI, project management, consultancy, Social Media


Production, direction, post-production, writing, documentary, drama.


A small cheap studio with a resident producer/engneer/guitarist with almost 40 years experience and still playing around town.


Adobe Director

Director - Interactive Multimedia

I have been working with Adobe's Director since 1988. Director can produce interactive multimedia above and beyond Flash or HTML5. It is a rapid application development tool (in my hands) and is perfect for CD/DVD-ROMs, stand-alone applications, Elearning and kiosks. It features incredible text, web, 3D, video and audio functionality.



HTML5 means modern browsers support plug-in-free interactive multimedia. Not only is HTML5 the new and final standard in HTML but it is a great way to make iOS and Android apps too. New multimedia tags, CSS3 and extensive JavaScript support. Who needs plug-ins!?


Most people access the Internet from a mobile device. If your site isn't responsive to the variety of small screens not only will you be annoying your audience/customers but Google will place it low in it's search results.

Be responsive - think mobile.