Boronia pinnata
Pinnate Boronia
Boronia pinnata
Image courtesy and copyright of
the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.
Plant Type:Medium evergreen shrub
Maximum Height:1.5m
Soil Type:Well drained sandy soil, low in organic matter
Position:Full shade
Climatic Zone:All zones
Propagation:Firm tip cuttings in spring to late summer
Flowers:Pale rose-mauve to rosy-purple to white flowers, late winter to late spring
Fragrance:Mildly fragrant

    "It's not a figure of speech, it's an absolute fact that I went weak at the knees, and only with great restraint prevented myself from 'clutching my heart' when confronted with the glorious plant Boronia pinnata in full bloom yesterday..."

    "Letters to Garden Lovers", Australian Home Beautiful, January 1942.

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