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Dear Gardeners...


  Self Portrait
Self Portrait [50 K]


Edna Walling is one of Australia's finest and most influential landscape designers. She was also a popular writer, a talented photographer and a charismatic personality.

This site is dedicated to her, and to Australia's gardeners.

Garden Plan, Danglow

In Walling's day women studied gardening as an extension of their home making duties. Edna rolled up her sleeves and transformed Australia's ideas about gardening and much more.

In the 'Designer' section you will find more than 200 plans and two of the homes she built.


Walling was an instant success when she began writing for Australian Home Beautiful in the 1920s. Her passion for gardening and her intimate and charming style won her many fans.

This is the House that I Built

In 'Writer' we include excerpts from both popular and unpublished articles, letters and books.

Brigit Jane, January 1968
Brigit Jane, January 1968 [104 K]

Walling had a passion for black and white photography. Her trusty Rolleiflex camera captured her favourite things: bush and garden landscapes, plants, pets, children and friends.

The 'Photographer' section showcases more than 150 of her photographs.


Edna Walling portrait
Edna Walling, 1966
Portrait by Daphne Pearson

Edna Walling was born in Devonshire, England. A determined tomboy, she was a unique and feisty character.

Her career was forged when a woman's place was supposed to be in the home. Edna was more likely to build the home!

See 'Person' to find out about the private life of Edna Walling.
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