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Edna Walling's plans offer an insight into her design principles. They reveal the motifs of her style - her use of space, garden rooms, pathways, pools, plant groupings, rock work and other features.

The plans were produced as either diazo photo prints, negative dyelines or ink and watercolour drawings. Their style and grace bring Walling's garden vision to life, illustrating both her design mastery and her artistic skill with pen and brush.

Plans are all that remain of some Walling gardens. Many have been destroyed by development or subdivision or because the owners did not realise they owned a Walling-designed garden.

Walling stopped producing elaborate plans in her later years, as her skilled workers understood her intentions without the need for an extensive plan. Simple sketches on paper were used instead.

Walling's plans retain their freshness and appeal, as their relaxed, naturalistic style continues to inspire garden lovers and designers.

The State Library of Victoria holds the majority of the remaining landscape garden plans created by Edna Walling.

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