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Notable Clients and Gardens

Edna Walling's skill in landscape design was quickly recognised by those with the means to implement her ideas. Some of her most noted clients are listed here:

Dame Nellie Melba

the world famous soprano, was the owner of Coombe Cottage, Coldstream. Dame Melba was a friend to Walling although she never implemented Walling's plan for a water lily garden as the cost was apparently considered too high. Dame Melba sang from the stages of such famous opera houses as Covent Garden, the Metropolitan Opera House, and La Scala. She was an international favourite, her records selling out shortly after release. Melba was known as 'the Voice'.

Garden Plan, Melba

Mr and Mrs Arthur Baillieu and Mr and Mrs James George Baillieu

The Baillieu family arrived from England in the 1850s and built family wealth and influence from mining, farming, real estate and politics.

Mr and Mrs Harold Darling

Harold Darling was principal of John Darling and Son, a member of the board of directors for the Australian Wheat Board, company director of Broken Hill Proprietary Limited (BHP) and friend and colleague of Essington Lewis another Walling client.

Sir George Tallis

Tallis, a partner in J.C. Williamsons, a theatre company was a gifted theatrical entrepreneur. His Italianate villa, Beleura is now lived in by his son's dog Chigi and will be open to the public upon Chigi's death.

Sir Clive and Lady Steele

A Major in World War I, Sir Clive Steele was a chief engineer who worked with Australian Reinforced Concrete Engineering and James Hardie and Co.

Sir William and Lady Irvine

Sir William Irvine was a Victorian Premier and Chief Justice. Sir Irvine was accorded a state funeral.

Mr and Mrs Douglas Carnegie

The Carnegie family owned the property, Kildrummie, which became one of Australia's most important poll Hereford cattle studs. Margaret Carnegie wrote two books on local history and was a noted art collector.

Mr and Mrs H.R. Hamer

Parents to the Victorian Premier, Sir Rupert Hamer.

Mr and Mrs John and Mr and Mrs Norton Grimwade

Norton Grimwade was an astute businessman and chairman of the Felton Bequests Committee.

Miss Una and L.R. Cato

Dr Una Porter (formerly Cato) and her brother Edward, established Melbourne University's Chair in Psychiatry.

Sir Keith and Dame Elizabeth Murdoch

The Murdoch family name is known around the world. Dame Elizabeth's son Rupert Murdoch is a wealthy media mogul. Sir Keith Murdoch was a journalist, newspaper proprietor, and one-time boss of Edna Walling. Dame Elizabeth Murdoch is a respected gardener, philanthropist, and charity worker.

The Australian Home Beautiful
    Mawarra is not so much a garden as a symphony in steps and beautiful trees...

There are many Walling gardens of note. Several excellent books that document her gardens and plans are listed in the More Information section.

Some of Edna Walling's best known gardens include:

Mawarra, Dandenongs, Victoria

Mawarra was probably Walling's most successful garden. It combined her unique vision of 'ordered disorder' and features her signature elements - an ornamental pool, stone steps and terraces. Dense planting gives the garden a woodland feel. A thicket of silver birches on a gentle slope is distinctive in both summer and winter.

Landscape Design, McMillan and Marshall

Durrol, Mount Macedon, Victoria

Durrol features formal structures such as circular gardens, rectangular pools and straight pathways. Dense lush planting has softened the formal aspect to create a classic Walling garden.

Markdale, Binda, New South Wales

Markdale is considered Walling's most notable country garden. It features a small lake, curved garden beds and stone walls enhanced by the vista of mature trees and sweeping lines.

Boortkoi, Hexham, Victoria

The garden at Boortkoi has the classic elements of a Walling garden: a low stone wall, stone steps and dense plantings. It has the slightly wild feel that Walling loved so much.

Eurambeen, Beaufort, Victoria

Edna Walling designed a formal terrace around an existing pool for this large country garden. The garden plans for Eurambeen illustrate Walling's mastery of difficult, sloping sites. She uses interlocking stone walls, terraces and pergolas to accentuate changing levels with an emphasis on architectural elements. In her book "Gardens in Australia", she wrote that it was "important to take advantage of anything unusual about a site." This has been superbly achieved at Eurambeen.

Garden Plan 'Eurambeen', Beggs
Garden Plan Detail, 'Eurambeen'
Details of Garden Plan
"Eurambeen", Beaufort
[188 K]
Garden Plan Detail, 'Eurambeen'
Detail of Pergola
at Swimming Pool
"Eurambeen", Beaufort
[84 K]
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